I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year, who the fuck are y'all? I swear it feels like the last few nights we've been everywhere and back but I just can't remember it all. What am I doing, what am I doing? Oh yeah that's right, I'm doing me.

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20 April 2011 // if you've been searching for my entries...
I apologize. This blog has been *officially* moved to here.
Plenty of rants and raves to be had!

Also I have a new *personal blog* but you'll have to do some searching for that one. One hint - it's still on blogger, not on tumblr! :)


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01 April 2011 // new couples irk me.
I hate the Eskimo kisses.
I hate the lovey dovey bull shit phase they force upon everyone within a five block radius to suffer through.
I absolutely, positively fucking hate with a passion new couples.


Because they have no sense of dignity nor respect for anyone else. They're too enraptured with the possibility of steadily getting laid (man's perspective) or finding someone to marry (woman's perspective). It drives me insane! They're such disrespectful and inconsiderate fucks!

I know, I know. I'm not exactly single. But I have never caught myself subconsciously doing the same shit that most couples do. Half the time I'm absolutely unaffectionate in public, making people think it's okay to hit on my boyfriend and therefore winning them a one way ticket to Fist Resort.

I especially hate it when you're in a situation where you have to sleep in the same room with couples. They will NEVER fucking act right. I had a couple spend the night with me once and I told them straight up, if you wake me the fuck up with any of your bull shit couple nonsense, I will be pissed as hell. Their reply? "We would never disrespect you like that."

And what the fuck did I wake up to?? Kissing. Do you honestly think kissing is silent?? It's loud as hell and it's the last fucking thing I want to hear in MY damn bed. And yes, you know that I fucking interrupted. And did I get an apology? Fuck no. I mean after a day of literally ignoring everyone except each other I shouldn't have expected to be respected, even if they are close friends of mine.

Another time there were two hotel rooms, one for girls and one for guys. Well that plan fucking blew up, who the fuck knew? /sarcasm

I even asked the kid, "Look. Are you trying to sleep in my room because your girlfriend is there? That would be mad awkward." His reply? "Oh, no no I didn't plan to."

And where does this fucker sleep??? Take a wild guess, if you guess right you'll win a prize!

I need to hang around couples that have put some mother fucking time in. I like couples with CHARACTER and SELF IDENTITY. Ones that are pretty much tired of seeing each other so they don't get too wrapped up in their relationship! Obsession in ANY form is not cool, get lives!

Even when new couples argue I don't find it interesting, I find it obnoxious. They never argue over anything worth while, and they're so fucking quick to say "I love you" that it makes me NEVER want to say it to someone I'm dating because it sounds so fucking insincere even if it's true.

You do not love each other, you love the idea of moving up in social status by having a mate.
Your arguments are pointless, the solution? Shut the fuck up!

Arguments from couples with time in are the BEST because they are fucking hilarious, even if it is over stupid shit. It's when the sharpest of tongues are brought forth! Taking stabs at each others' character/actions/family/etc. over something ridiculous, how could you NOT find it amusing?

Couples with time in know so much about each other that the arguments are some of the wittiest I've seen, unlike with new couples where it's all about emotional manipulation.

I've decided - when it comes to new couples I'm going to start being blunt as hell. If you're getting on my nerves I will tell you to your face, exactly why you're pissing me off, and why you can both burn in hell for all the fake bull shit you spit out towards each other in the name of "Love."

And if I catch you fuckers making out and grabbing each others' crotches in PUBLIC I'm going to video record it, send it to both your parents, and then stab you each in the ear.


:) <3

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23 March 2011 // such a small campus
For the past few days I've been playing Flyff. Sad I know. For those of you who don't know what Flyff is, it's an mmorpg called "Fly For Fun" and it's ridiculous how far I've gotten. Bless the hearts of nerds.

But that's not all I did. Yesterday I went on a wonderful date with the boy and the night before that I met an interesting character who happens to be more than an acquaintance with an infamous e-troll that's been harassing the good and sane people of UMBC (that was sarcasm).

Personally I don't have time for his antics anymore. I'm in an engineering field, I actually do my work, and still make time for my job, partying, and the like. I actually feel sorry for those that do get caught up with his bull shit.

The discussion boards at UMBC's homepage are always filled with long and elaborate essays, ad hominems, and poor debate tactics and it makes me wonder: why the fuck aren't you doing your homework?

Then again I understand their need to put him in his place. After all he is one of those Bible thumping, people hating, ridiculously uneducated assholes who likes to be loud about his stupidity. I told a friend that if murder was legal for 15 minutes I'm sure many people, myself included, would probably go for him first.

Something about morons really grinds my gears, you know?

After all he did say that Islam was a violent religion and that Muslim women deserve to be raped since that's the religion they ascribed to.

He also claimed that there's no such thing as religious prosecution, war, murder, and polygamy in the Bible, and that homosexuals are disgusting creatures. All this from a former atheist? One who some suspect to be gay himself? How interesting.

Apparently he spends his days walking around the tiny rooms in Harbor Hall naked, with a not so impressive member may I add. He has an issue with flushing toilets after taking a shit (and by issue I mean he just doesn't do it), "showers" 4-5 times a day and still manages to smell, all the while wasting away his free time either on the forums or masturbating. Awesome.

Unfortunately for those of you who are not students at UMBC, you won't be able to see the forums at all nor get to read the hilarity that is his ignorance and the responses of others. Not to mention he's slowly trying to erase his presence on UMBC's forums, literally. He's been going back and deleting things that he's said, which is funny considering in most people's responses they quote what he said before responding to it. Not very effective.

I'm sure there's lots more I could think of about this unappealing character but I've got a busy day ahead of me of laundry and Flyff. /storyofmylife.

I'm also going to start getting into vlogging. It's something I've never really done before, something that I've wanted to try for a while, I just need to get started with it. It's a bit easier (somewhat) and honestly I know that none of you fuckers really read anymore, so vlogging might be a win/win situation for all of us?


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16 March 2011 // put in your place
Our character for the day, we'll name him the letter A. (For asshole).

He's the very definition of insecure. He puts all of his attention in material things and expects others to care. Not to mention it's always an excuse with A; we put in more work than he's ever done and yet he pretends he's an athlete? Uh, wrong!

How are you going to sit around and criticize others for what they do when you're literally doing nothing? How can you have such a rude attitude and expect others not to call you out?

So A decides to be a bitch to others, making fun of them for working out the proper way when he can't do half of the exercises himself. Push through that shit, stop bitching and moaning!

"I don't let anyone drive my car, it's amazing. I put so much work into it, look at the lights on the inside, isn't it awesome?"

Uh, no?

Since when was putting on a spoiler and some blue Christmas lights on your car cool? Since when was learning how to rev your weak ass engine attractive?

First of all honey you drive a fucking Nissan, and not even one of the higher end models. Somehow I think the Murano outlasts you, and that's a shame.

Second of all I've already gone past my rebel phase when it came to street racing and got caught up in deep shit for it, just now paying my fines back in full; but I've beaten faster cars than yours, believe it.

And lastly, no one thinks it's cool when their lives are at risk. People don't trust you as a driver, how is that attractive? Sweet ride, wish you knew how to drive it kid.

"Yeah I'm like part Brazilian."

No you're not, you're Bengali. Your ex is Brazilian, and we know that you haven't gotten over her yet but for the billionth time we're tired of hearing about it. She's probably moved on to another dude, it's about time you moved on too. Seriously. Obsessing over an ex is never a good thing; it's a sure fire way to end up alone forever.

:] ♥

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// jeepers creepers
I'm starting to really despise two select individuals in a couple of my classes. One happens to be one of those arrogant fucks, the one who really has nothing going for him and is bent on trying to make everyone else feel stupid when in the end, it doesn't work. It just makes him look like a douchebag!

Yes, other people are capable of thinking for themselves. So you're the project manager of one thing, great for you. I've done several project management positions, along with the one I'm doing now, and I don't sit around and think I'm hot shit. Not to mention, honey, you're in the private sector. You're mad clueless and prideful about the situation. It's much more difficult to move up in federal jobs than in the private sector, in short I'm doing more than you. Get over yourself.

You're just mad because I fucked your roommate when you couldn't get any your damn self, let's keep it real.

And this other guy always seems to think he's doing all the work when really he does nothing. "Do I have to do everything?" Honey, copying and pasting someone else' code and claiming as your own isn't work. Google did all the work with that one, thank you Google.

Not to mention who developed the web page? Who has to sit there and teach him how to use the script he didn't write? Other than the documents (which we all did) what the fuck did he do that was so special? If anything one of the other guys has dominated the work, and it's only because he has the most time to do it.

And now I'm being stalked by another guy, and it's getting ridiculous. Trying to wear my favorite color to entice me? Parking outside of my window and staring through my window?? Always talking about me to my friends??? It's starting to creep me out a bit, the worst part is he knows I have a boy in my heart and he still stalks me. Wow.

Ah, fuck this. Going to bed.

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14 March 2011 // what am i doing?
No updates in over a week here while my private blog is blowing up. Clearly, a lot has been going on.

Meanwhile the drama never ends, bitches keep talking shit, and boys keep trying to waste my time. I'm really done.

Right now when it comes to my life there are too many things that I can honestly say "I don't know" to, and that's a problem. This lack of certainty is killing me, and it's giving me stress. The last thing I need right now is more stress.

All I can say at this moment in time is that while you have my heart you'll never give me what I need; love with a purpose. I want to go into something knowing I'll get something back, and with us the only thing I know is that we'll have to end it eventually. You're getting an arranged marriage, I'm a free bird. Your family hates my skin, all of my labels, and would rather hurt you than admit that maybe being with a girl that makes you a happier, better person is the goal, rather than being with a girl of the same race and religion.

In the end though, it's not your family refusing me what I wanted, it's you. No, I do understand. I don't have to hear the same spiel over and over about how in your culture it's okay for ignorance to take precedence over reality. I get it. And I have reserved the right to hate it.

And I hate most of all that these are my circumstances, that once again I've had someone try to explain to me why I'm "perfect" all the while telling me the reasons why I'll never be accepted.

Cowardly, and full of shit. I'm not even sure who I'm directing these sentiments to. I just know that I'm done being fucked around with.

"Don't ever change."

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that from a boy that knew he fucked up by dropping a diamond in a well I'd be a fucking billionaire. Oh, how I want to change. I could be the bitch I want to be, if you push me just one more time.

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